Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hibatchi & Fire

My boys love to each at Sushi Fever! They are always entertained during dinner

Dark with Bangs

Cute Dress! and Hair style.

First 4 Wheeler Ride

Matix was napping, Krew was driving his 4-Wheeler and Nixon was crawling around ... so I thought. I had the front door propped open while I was unloading groceries in & out of the house. Then I panicked. Where was Nixon?! I run outside (just a Nate was pulling up- perfect timing) only to see Krew driving up the street with Nix on the ride. No complaints from Nixon- he was loving it.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Saturday night we went shooting with the Neffs- It was my first time ever shooting anything! And I was horrible- but it was fun!

Happy 70th!

My Nana came into town from California to celebrate her 70th Birthday with the family. It was a fun event.

Nate's 1st Motorcycle Road Trip

Nate had signed up for another triathlon- in Salem, Utah- this past weekend. He has not missed a race he has signed up for, but the crazy week had carried us away with it. Friday rolled around and he was still debating about driving the 5 1/2 hours to do the race. I had told him I would pass. I still had a busy weekend ahead. Nate decided (at 11 pm) that he was indeed going to the race. And to save gas money he would strap his road bike onto his motorcycle bike and go! He was going to drive there, sleep in the park for a couple of hours, race and then drive home! He made it to Mesquite and called me,"If you won't call me weak I am going to come home." I promised not to. Honestly, I was relieved he was not making the road trip!

Monday, June 9, 2008


He was sitting in the doorway watching Daddy cut trees

On to High School

My little sis Dani graduated from middle school this week.

Welcome to Whoville

I was sleeping the other morning and kept hearing a machine going on and off, on and off then nothing then on and off .... It was 7 am on Sunday morning! Who in their right mind would be awake and then who would be mean enough to be so noisy!
Answer: Nate with a chain saw.
He had decided that our front trees needed maintenance. Poor trees.

How does this happen?