Friday, February 27, 2009

"I want a Dog!"

We saw this cute puppy at the park and Krew has decided a dog should
be added to his birthday list.


Amy said...

My kids have been on the "I want a dog" plan lately too. Maybe Krew will actually get one because my kids won't!

Brittany said...

So how do you feel about having a dog join the family? My kids and my husband want one so bad... I just can't do it! You're a way cooler mom than me! :) Glad you up-dated it's been awhile!

reesekelleyandboys said...

I was so excited to get your comment, but even more excited when I clicked on your blog and saw you had updated! Hooray! Ah Krew looks so cute with that puppy - we have a little maltese and love him to death, but.. it does get hard like when we go out of town or something.. cuz we either have to take him or find someone to watch em.. hate that! Well good luck with that birthday wish!!